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Our VAT services are diverse and we deal in numerous aspects of it. At Authentic Accounting and Bookkeeping LLC, we provide you with VAT analysis of your company. The analysis explains the indication of VAT on your business. With this analysis you gain knowledge regarding how you should plan to operate in order to comply with the new jurisdictions. This has a significant effect on you regular accounting and bookkeeping practices. It also plays a vital role in reshaping the business.


We provide the most efficient VAT training that is designed in order to provide knowledge regarding various aspects of value added tax for non-VAT professionals that have to make some major decisions with a VAT consequence. We are your primary VAT consultants in Dubai and we take it as our responsibility to make you aware about VAT registration, VAT deregistration, VAT return services and VAT filing.

The training that we provide is designed in order give the professionals in various departments including purchase, finance, sales and accounting a proper overview of how the VAT system works. With the help of a better trained staff better decisions are taken. This results in reduction of VAT costs and the VAT return is more accurate. VAT penalties can also be avoided with the help of proper VAT training.

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