Register Your Business for VAT in Three Easy Steps

Register Your Business for VAT in Three Easy Steps

If you’re planning to start your business in the UAE region or running one already, you may be required to register for Value Added Tax (VAT). It is important for computation of taxes that your company is liable to pay to the government. Also, being registered under the VAT law implies that a business is recognized by the government as a supplier of Goods and Services and is sanctioned to collect VAT from their clients and pass on the same to the government. Only the businesses that are registered with

VAT are allowed to do the following:

  1. Levy VAT on the supply of goods and services that is taxable
  2. Get to claim Input Tax Credit for the VAT levied on their purchases, which will be subtracted from VAT liability on sales
  3. Pay VAT collected from the clients to the government
  4. Regular filing of VAT return

Registering for VAT is a fairly easy process but if you’ve been wondering how to register for vat in UAE, let us explain how!

Create an e-Service Account

Prior to proceeding with online registration of VAT, you have to generate an E-Service account with FTA. The entire process is quite similar to setting up an account with other online accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, etc. To begin with, login to ‘’ and click on the Sign Up button that is on the right-side upper corner of the screen. Thereafter, you’re supposed to follow the below mentioned steps:

  1. Once you click on Sign up, you’d be required to furnish several details such as your business’s e-mail Id, password, along with the security code and security question in the sign-up format.
  2. After that you would get an email on your registered email ID. You would have to verify your account through your email address.
  3. Once the account is verified, you can Log in to your account anytime you want using your credentials (User Name and password).

Register Your Business for VAT

Once you’ve created your online account with FTA, log in to it. Next, you’ll be directed toward a Guide on Getting Started. It is advisable to read up the guide which will further help you to get through the following steps quite conveniently. After this, start filling up the VAT registration form, which has different sections. You would be required to fill up all the information asked and finally submit it.

The entire process of VAT registration in UAE is needs to be done with at most care and caution. An erroneous/incomplete VAT registration will delay the entire certification process and at times businesses unable to move forward in business without VAT registration number. If you need any more information, get in touch with professionals who could help you out with it.

In case you need any assistance and support on Vat Registration in UAE, while doing the registration please contact us

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