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Ever since our inception in 2017, we have only moved forward and have provided all of our customers with first-rate services. Our establishment took place prior to the implementation of VAT (Value Added Tax) in the GCC and we have completely adapted to comply with the laws and regulations that come under VAT. We have been growing rapidly and our enterprise provides accounting solutions of all sorts for your businesses. Our clientele is extremely diverse and we are not limited to specific businesses. The clientele that we serve include major businesses from construction, hospitality, retail business, media, trading, oil & gas industry, shipping and logistics, animal healthcare, automotive etc.

We work to create long term working relationships with all of our clients through our reliable and dedicated services. We understand the uniqueness of every single business. The solutions that we provide are oriented around the specific business. We put your special needs as our focal point and provide you with top-notch services accordingly. We, at Authentic Accounting and Bookkeeping LLC specially design finance management solutions that meet all ends. These solutions can very well be efficient in making your business stronger and profitable while being compatible to all the legal guidelines. We are known to provide the best accounting services in Sharjah and Dubai. We excel at every single service that we provide, and the services that we provide in the world of accounting are diverse.

In the current shape of things, Dubai is going through some unparalleled changes that can work in our favor if we play our cards right. The “Happiness Project” has garnered immense praise and acknowledgement, while the introduction of VAT has also benefited us in various ways. Authentic is a full service accounting firm, and our advisors and accountants put their main focus on the specialized needs of each and every single one of our clients. Our main motive is to offer service of the best quality to our clients. The foundation of building long term relationship with clients is communication, meeting expectations and providing the best accounting services to the clients and that is exactly how we operate. At Authentic, our accountants take on a one to one role with the clients. This provides a deep sense of caring and acknowledgement. Realistic and beneficial strategies are discussed. With our services we guarantee quality, honesty, integrity and uniqueness.

“We believe that every business is unique and we tailor best solutions to your business keeping your special needs always in focus. At Authentic, we design end to end finance management solutions that would make your business legally compatible, stronger and profitable”

Director’s Message

Jinu Govindan

Jinu Govindan

Charles Scott a professor at Yale University once said, “creativity is great but not in accounting!”. True words of wisdom and every one with their own business wouldn’t object the relevance of this statement. From the scandalous ‘Enron controversy’ early this century to the teeny weeny incidents that you might share among friends we all know the importance of ‘good accounting practices’ as the back bone of our business. It is in this context ‘Authentic Accounting & Book Keeping LLC’ steps in.

Dubai is undergoing unprecedented changes, changes that are aimed at our well being. Our ‘Happiness Project’ has caught the attention of the world, similarly the introduction of VAT early this year is going to benefit all of us. In this scenario a law abiding resident must make sure that his business is complying with the legal norms of the land.

We are a full service accounting firm consisting of accountants and advisors that would focus on your specialized needs.  Our goal is to provide practical and quality services to our clients. It is our belief that quality service is based on building a professional relationship with our clients through communication, meeting your expectations, and providing exceptional tax and accounting services to our clients.

The accountants at ‘Authentic’ take on a one to one role with our client, which has a profound sense of value and caring. The accountants here take the time to understand your accounting and tax situation and then suggest possible options and realistic strategies that are bespoke.

On a personal note, it is an opportunity for me to serve my second home through you. At ‘Authentic’ we have solutions for any accounting need that you can possibly think of. And we assure quality, honesty, integrity and uniqueness in our services.

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